Tapas and stars


Cuisine. An important element of life and leisure. And there is much to discover in the Jalón valley. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent daily menu (menú del día) for a fair price or a delicious selection of tapas. Besides, an increasing number of high cuisine chefs and restaurants are settled in this region, which means that food is also possible at or close to, Michelin star level - yet often still at reasonable Spanish prices. So from tapas to stars, you will find it here!

Heerlijke traditionele gerechten
heerlijke visgerechten uit de middellandse zee

Michelin restaurants

In the region, one can find various top restaurants with one or more Michelin stars. In Dénia and Xávea, several restaurants have been awarded 1 or more stars, and there are some more along the coast. Due to its location, the cuisine of this region combines the products of the Spanish countryside with the edible treasures of the sea, and benefits from the Moorish influences of previous centuries. This inspiring combination produces a rich and healthy variety of flavours, scents and dishes.

Wines and wine tasting

The wine region between Valencia and Alicante is also on the rising. There are many interesting large and small scale bodegas to visit, and you will discover that the valley, which is best known for an excellent moscatel dessert wine, produces more and more white (dry moscatel) and beautiful red wines. 


Various activities and experience weeks are organised by affiliates, such as cooking classes, workshops, olive picking, and walking and hiking. Ideas? Wishes? Contact us! 


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