Visit authentic markets

No village in Spain without a market! Smaller villages often have a vegetable market once a week, but the bigger the town, the bigger the party gets.

wekelijkse markten met antieke spullen
Rastro Xaló
Wekelijkse markten met antieke spullen

Treasure hunting

Xaló, the place named after the valley and river 'Jalón', has its own, famous rastro every Saturday morning: a kilometer of stalls with antiques, garden items, trinkets, local products, books ... you will never stop being amazed. Rastros like this are more common in the valley. But also enjoy the beautiful weekly markets with stalls full of fruits, plants, herbs, vegetables, artisanal cheeses, sausages, hams, pates, olive oil, wine and nuts. Often you can also find a combination of all products, supplemented with clothing, shoes and jewelry.

Relax with the locals

After a market morning it is nice to relax with a good cortado on a terrace, preferably with a view on the market. Here you can see the Spanish way of living as it has been for centuries: people greet each other extensively, have a chat and involve other acquaintances in the conversation. Lots of hand gestures and laughter - and just a hint: this is also common practice for customers on the one side, and salespeople on the other of a counter or booth. Especially on Saturday the past week, the weather and family matters are discussed extensively so take your time to enjoy yourself watching them!

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