Hiking and climbing

The Jalón Valley and surrounding areas are abundant with beautiful hiking routes and hold some of the best climbing locations in all of Spain. In a literally up and down hiking area with approximately 2,500 km of described routes, you always hike in the most beautiful and easily accessible places. Firm hiking on more challenging trails is also almost self-evident in the Jalon Valley. Discover one of the most beautiful limestone mountains in the Mediterranean on foot.

Beginner or advanced

The valley is ideal for those who enjoy hiking in the hills and mountains. Not familiar with this yet? Then there is a good chance that you will love it once you have tried it here. Because why wouldn't you go for a walk? It is well known that walking relaxes, de-stresses and is good for your health.


There are various, varied routes that can be hiked by anyone with a normal physical condition. To enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Bernia, the rugged mountains at a distance such as the Peñon de Ifach and the Puig Campana, or the deep, mysterious valleys of the Tossalets de Porcs to your left and right; all you need is a pair of sturdy walking shoes to have a wonderful day. Of course you can also raise the bar, and with special equipment and extra energy you can challenge yourself even more!


 Look here for walks in the area.



Verschillende klimwanden in de vallei
Penya Roja

Challenging rock formations

The rock climbing area consists mainly of limestone rocks. There are many routes that quickly give the novice climber, with the help from experienced guides, the feeling that they can do more. This also is possible, because for the advanced students the levels of difficulty vary from 3c to 8c. And in the latter category a lot of rope and iron has to be carried along.


 According to the descriptions on Rockfax, there are fantastic routes in the region. Rockfax describes 18 areas in the area, and the small village of Lliber in the Jalon Valley literally and figuratively gets the highest ranking with 30 different routes. These are mostly on the northeastside, so you can also climb in high heat. The right part of the wall is the icing on the cake in the Lliber area: steep, pole climbing on ledges, sleds and holes. Challenges for every level!



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