Cycle racing and mountain-biking

For those who fancy cycling, the Jalón Valley is a must. If you know the area, it can't come as a surprise that most professional teams train in this specific part of Spain for the Vuelta, the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia. Also for semi-profs, amateurs, and mountain-bikers, the valley and surrounding mountains are the place to be. 

Wielrennen in de vallei
Coll de Rates
Groepstochten met begeleiding

There are many reasons for this region to be labeled as perfect for cycling. With more than 300 days of sunshine and an average temperature of 18 degrees, you can cycle all year round. In addition, the roads are well maintained, the signposting is clear, and when overtaking cyclists, (car/motor) drivers in Spain must maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters and reduce speed. Add to this the beautiful nature, tasty and healthy Spanish cuisine, and perfect air quality, and you understand why this region is the ultimate place for cycling. 

Cols of the first, second and third category

The Jalón Valley has a 'bikey atmosphere', partly due to the challenging Coll de Rates and several cycle cafes. The combination of the varied landscape with mountains and valleys makes every tour a unique experience. There are many companies for bicycle rental in the valley, allowing you to have excellent equipment at very reasonable rates. If desired, your bicycle (properly adjusted, of course) can be delivered to your accommodation. You can find an impression of the many cycling routes in and around the Jalón Valley here. 

ALTA bike rental

ALTA Bike Rental

Alta Bike Rental offers excellent bicycles from Italian racing brand Wilier and Dutch city bikes brand Gazelle, and ideal service, as we deliver the perfectly maintained rental bikes, adjusted in size, to your accommodation. Simple enjoy your ride. 

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