Body & Mind

Relaxation and meditation

The Jalón Valley invites you to rest, contemplate, revive and recharge your energy and spirit. You could engage in this on your own or with professional guidance, either alone or with others. There are various opportunities to recharge mentally and physically. On top of relaxing trips or more active activities that offer refreshing perspectives and help to take your mind of things, the valley also offers possibilities for yoga, meditation, massages and other wellness treatments. 

Yoga and meditation

Yoga connects body, breath and mind and can help to reduce stress and anxiety. The word yoga (योग) stems from the Sanskrit युज्, which means something along the lines of 'to attach' or 'to unite'. Yoga is a Hindu philosophy that teaches how to control feelings, the mind and the body, with the aim of getting closer to the higher, the divine. In the Western world especially hatha yoga is known, which is a combination of asanas (physical postures) and pranayamas (breathing techniques). Derived yoga types are ashtanga vinyasa yoga and bikram yoga, which have a slightly more dynamic series of exercises, and natya yoga, which is practiced while dancing. In the valley, there are several experienced yoga teachers who teach different types of yoga, individually and in groups.


Also known as a way to find relaxation and piece of mind, best known from Hinduism and Buddhism, is meditation. The valley's pure environment, fresh air and tranquility lend themselves to focus, observe and 'letting go'. Whether or not in combination with a nice walk in nature, these are ideal conditions for concentration meditation and (vipassana) meditation.


Also a good massage allows for relaxation of muscles and releasing stress. Massages can be provided on site. Imagine a Swedish massage or deep tissue massage in the olive yard, a poolside sports massage after an active morning, a treatment using reflexology, or a Thai massage... 

Professional support

Would you like to find more balance in your lifestyle? The combination of peace, tranquility, nature and clean air probably already lays a good foundation, but there are various professionals in the Jalón Valley who can assist you with training, coaching and other forms of support. Consider, for instance, a yoga morning session in the open air, sessions in or around the pool or garden, or a silence walk through nature at the end of the day. Healthy meals and snacks, the weather and your own balance between rest and acitivity, sends you home fully charged!

Fit with Jacintha

A low impact cardio session to lovely music with dynamic and standing exercises. After the session you will feel rejuvenated and ready for the new day!

Mohini Sound Healing

Sound Healing concerts at special locations. Maud gives one-on-one singing bowl treatments. Paul gives Handpan meditation and lessons in Handpan, Cajon and Djembé.

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